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Help with weird ambient lighting [Edited]

Hi, I've just started using jk2radiant, and it's been going fairly well up to now. I've made this simple map with a lot of lighting effects, on the whole the map is pretty dark; or it used to be. Now, all of a sudden the whole map is lit up like it's using a really strong ambient lighting, none of the other lights seem to work though, including the negative lights.

I've tried changing the worldspawn ambient lighting to something really dark, but that doesn't work. An old save of my map still uses the correct lighting, so it doesn't seem to be anything to do with my JK2 installation.

All help really appreciated, and sorry if this post doesn't make sense or it's something stupid!

- StrangeJ

Edit: I found out what was causing it: I had a breakable connected to two lights (a spotlight and a normal light), simulating breakable lights. This had worked throughout the level, but now whenever I do it it causes the above effect. Very annoying

Lightside = Lose credits
Darkside = Gain credits

Which would you go for?

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