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CJ and the lone pilot were flying on the right and left flank of the bomber squadron heading towards the Artillery Ship. The bombers were locking on to the large exhaust port on the rear of the ship, so far only a couple of Mandalorian fighters had attempted to halt the bombers path but the combined efforts of Castov and Indigo-6 neutralised them. Castov wasn’t willing to take any chances and ordered all three Republic bombers to fire at the exhaust port in case one missed.

”Bomber squadron six locked and loaded sir.” One of the bomber pilots informed.

“Check that, Weapons free, Let’s blow this thing!” Castov ordered.

The bombers launched one large torpedo each towards the target, the torpedoes were travelling at a slow peed compared to most projectile weapons but they more than made up for it with it’s payload. The missiles glowed a bright cyan as the moved closer and closer to the exhaust port, Castov smiled as he checked his sensor readout and saw they were all on target.

A metallic trap door on the Mandalorian vessel slid open and a point defence turret extended out of the hole. The turret began to fire at the oncoming missiles with a rapid fire of green energy, the blasts impacted each of the three torpedoes.

”Sir that turret is going to make it difficult.” The bomber pilot announced.

“OK Bomber squadron break off and get orders from command, me and indy will deal with this ship.” CJ replied. The three bombers broke off the attack run and flew away further into the battlefield. Castov switched the comm frequency to indigo-6’s. “I-6 prep a torpedo. We’re going to have to fly in hot to avoid that turret fire.”

“I’m with you General.” The young pilot replied to the Jedi’s orders.

The two fighters accelerated to fall speed, both of the pilots locked on to the secondary exhaust port. They were going so fast the targeting computers were having trouble getting the lock on secure. Jesp knew he could use the force and still get a hit but the pilot I-6 was an inexperienced pilot and Castov could only hope the force was with both of them. Both fighters had gotten a few meters away from the port before they both let their torpedoes fly, the turret didn’t have time to lock on to the torpedoes and both flew in unhindered. Jesp and I-6 both had to pitch their ships upwards quickly to avoid fire and fly away from the ship.

CJ looked down through his rear window and winced. “Well that didn’t wo…”

The ship then ignited in fire and went up in a single explosion sending fragments of it’s hull in all directions.

“Now That was a big explosion!” Jesp exclaimed.

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