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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Awww, you think I contradict myself? Well, quite frankly that's just tough luck, because while I don't advocate such action anyone who's on the recieving end of it deserve what they get.
I have, in fact, observed you contradicting yourself. You have once again tried to dance backwards in order to cover yourself, and rephrased what you said in an effort to hide the contradiction but it is there, you're just playing semantic games at this point.

You say anyone who receives violent physical responses to their verbal jabs deserves what they get. If you believe that they deserve that violent response then you may not be explicitly telling people to react violently, but you are telling them that they would only be doing what is right in that situation. Still a clear contradiction. If you believe they are getting what they deserve then you believe it is justified and you are an advocate of that kind of response.

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