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Since the data files are so spread out I've made a quick search utility that allows you to search for files with a specified name within all the game's MOD and RIM files. It is listing all matches in a sortable list along with in what MOD/RIM archive they were found. It also has an extraction feature where it can extract the selected files from the search result to a folder on your hard drive.

You can use wildcards in a limited way within the filename, for example to search for all files of a specific type ("*.2da" to find all 2DA files), or a match against a sub-pattern of a file name within a specific type ("p_ling*.txb" to find all TXB files with "p_ling" as part of the name, or "p_li*h01.txb" to find all TXB files with names containing "p_li", potentially followed by something else and then followed by "h01").

Wildcards do not work within the file extension itself ("*.md*" for example) at the moment, and may sometimes behave in a bit weird way when used in the middle of a filename pattern. Hopefully those bugs should be fixed in the next version when I have the time to do it properly.

It seems to work from what I've tested, though it's not considered complete yet. As said above the search works in a somewhat peculiar manner currently, which I hope to make more logical in later versions. Future plans include adding support for searching in the KEY/BIF data files as well as the override folder so that all data can be searched.

If anyone wants it, you can downoad it from the link in the first post in this thread.

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