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Twirling her blade into an infinty loop, Pallas deflected several blaster bolts coming her way, then used the momentum to slash downward into the torso of a Mandalorian assault droid. Twisting her wrists, she brought her lightsaber up into a diagonal cut, further mangling the assault droid. She used her right hand to swing the blade in a horizontal arc, deflecting more blaster bolts, while using her left to levitate the cloven droid shell as sort of a makeshift blast shield. Casting a momentary glance behind her, she saw her fire team diligently spraying blaster bolts while gesturing for the rest of the Republic forces to push foward. She grinned a tight-lipped smile as she turned her attentions back to the fight ahead.

She and her team had managed to push the Mandalorian boarders back a few precious meters, backing them up to their second line. In response, the Republic defenders had moved forward and secured better positions on the hangar floor. Pallas and her team had managed to shift the momentum of the battle, but the Mandalorians were still coming on strong, and she was tiring. Lightsaber combat had never been her strong point and it took all her concentration and a deep immersion in the Force to keep at her current pace.

Pressing onward, Pallas observed a small team of Mandalorian warriors break off and rush towards her. She stepped forward, then using her front foot as a pivot, spun around and hurled the mangled assault droid at them. It hit the leader in the helmet with a satisfying smack and the burly raider crumpled to the floor. His compatriots remained undeterred, however, as they came at her with vibroswords unsheathed. She felt blaster fire erupt from behind her and two more Mandalorians went down under the guns of her team, but one lone Mandalorian broke through and charged at her, vibrosword upraised. Perhaps it was fatigue or a misjudgement, but Pallas was a mite too slow in bringing up her parry. She caught the sword as it was coming down towards her head, but didn't compensate for the power of the Mandalorian's blow. The cortosis weave sword sizzled as it impacted her lightsaber, the argent blade deflecting it away, but the tip caught Pallas' cheek, drawing blood. She gasped at the white hot pain, momentarily losing her balance. She caught herself just in time to parry a horizontal slash meant to cleave her in two, but again was a split second late as the tip of the sword again slashed her, this time in a line across her abdomen. Gritting her teeth, she pushed back the pain and drew on the Force to give her strength. Parrying yet another attack, she pushed against the Mandalorian's blade with her own, catching him off-guard. Seeing her chance, she flicked her lightsaber downward and severed her enemy's blade hand. It fell to the floor, still clutching the sword hilt. Hearing the Mandalorian cry out in pain, she brought her left hand forward in a violent Force Push that forced him backwards, knocking him into a bulkhead, which he slumped against, unconscious.

Breathing heavily, she staggered backwards, only to be caught by the young lieutenant. "Are you all right, ma'am?" he asked, concerned.

Pallas righted herself, bringing her lightsaber up again to deflect more oncoming blaster blots. "I'll live, Lieutenant. For now, we need to pull back," she told him, backpedaling.

"Aye, ma'am," he responded, matching her pace. "Commander Assant informs us that we've got more Jedi coming in."

"It's about time," Pallas gritted out as the pain in her abdomen flared up.
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