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Originally Posted by croma
1. I've checked all (If I'm remembering it correctly) the .rim and .mod in /data and I found that only a few names has all extensions required in the same name (the 'h_*'s and 'n_*'s in .mdl, .mdx, and .txb) and I forgot to note them down. I think there's got to be something/file that configures or lists which head use which body or vice versa. Can anyone help me on this please?
Keep in mind that I'm by no means an expert on this since I haven't done much in the way of character substitution so this is mostly guesswork, but from what I have seen it seems like the head is part of the body model, but has a separate texture for most human models.

I haven't been able to find any 2DA that sets the name of the texture (except for when you're a spirit), so I'd assume it's either set in the Model files, or uses a naming convention hardcoded in the game engine.

The head texture seems to be named the same as the body texture but with a "h" added on (P_Li01 --> P_Lih01) for the player character models. For NPC models it seems to be named the same as the body texture but with a h_ prefix instead of the n_ prefix the body textures tend to have (n_silk01 --> h_silk01).

Originally Posted by croma
2. I was wondering if it's possible for stoffe's 'tsl patcher' to be used as 'je patcher' instead. Both games uses the same system right?
Not in its current form. Some of the data files have different formats in Jade Empire (the dialog.tlk file, some 2DA files, slight changes to the ERF/RIM format etc). A version could be made with those adaptations, if anyone would have any interest in it. Could be a fair bit of work involved making those adaptations though, I'm not sure. Depends on how lazy I was when I made TSLPatcher.

Originally Posted by croma
3. If I wanted to create my own pc, then I'm gonna need all those .mdl, .mdx, and .txb pairs (and maybe the answer to my 1st question too) right? I've found the .tga to .txb converter but I can't find anything to edit the .mdl's and .mdx's.
MDL files are model files, MDX are paired with MDL files containing extra model data that has been added on, TXB are compressed textures. MAB files seem to contain material data of some kind.

There is currently no MDL/MDX converter that works with Jade Empire. Maian seems to be working on figuring out how some of it works, but it might be too early to tell where that leads.
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