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Midgar: Wastelands

*A blizzard sweeps the rocky hillsides, harsh and blistering cold. A lone figure wanders in the what seems to be an empty white void of covered with layers and layers of rags barely keeping warm.

After a while he opens up his hood, and looks out, squinting his eyes hoping to see,... something...

He notices in the distence, a cave, embedded with in a rock wall.
He makes his way to it and enters uncovering his face as he does.
Cracern. His eyes having problems focasing in the light, he grabs for a wall grunting in pain. He doesnt see much, but walks slowly more inside out of the wind, until finding a corner where he can rest...

His vision was blurred, he can't see the other side of the cavern, must be quite large.
He opens up the rags to look at his torso, a sharp bit of cold strikes him, as he flinches showing a large red blotch on his normal clothes, soaking into the vary rags he wears...

He tosses the rags back over, and pulls out a piece of armor from what he could from the battle ground. It was dented up. But he wasn't using it for protection. He slides over to near the enterence and scoops up some snow and packs it in the piece of armour, and slides back to the corner.

after rubbing his hands, trying to warm them up, he pulls out a lightsaber and ignites it. he sets the armour on the ground, and gently touches the blade on an edge of the armour, heating it up, and melting the snow.
after wards he puts the saber away and drinks the little bit of water that he could.*

Cracern *coughing, to himself* "better... then nothing..."

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