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"Well this is fun," Lux muttered through gritted teeth as he tried to regain control of his fighter. The port side cannon had exploded, sending the wedge-shaped snubfighter into a spin. It had taken all of Lux's ability and willpower to keep it headed for the Republic capital ship, as he was spiraling and twisting in all directions.

"Red Nine, are you all right?" Anya's voice came over the comm.

Well, at least something works. "That would be a negative, Red Ten. I'm kinda dizzy." He groaned and tried to spot the capital ship through his flashing viewport. "Do me a favor and find me a nice place to land."

"Already done. There's an open hangar bay six point five seven degrees to starboard."

"Sounds good," Lux replied as he managed to finally flatten out his starfighter's spin. Now he was only spinning and not tumbling. "Let's see if I can't point myself that way."
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