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Imperial: Sir a Srenity ship crashed on the planets surface should we duck away from the system

*a transmission from Blaze interupts the talk*

Blaze: Don't be alarmed it's ok it was me

Imperial: Understood

Moff Marla: Position five star destroyers in each system and one levithin understood

Imperial: Yes sir

*the stardestoyers and levithins went to all systems even the damged ones and they all started to build a space station*

Moff Marla: At least we now have control of many systems and now that the sith are at our side we are basically invinsible excspecially the leviathins

Aap: Ahh... Moff Marla, l noticed your progress in all systems have actully been going well

Moff Marla: We are now basically invincible

Aap: I agree we now will control this rebel and kithorian scum!

Moff Marla: What of the little jedi

Aap: I will take care of him sought of personally

Moff Marla: What do you mean

Aap: It won't be just me there, there will be several other Dark Jedi there too

Moff Marla: Oh this conquer thing is going really smoothly

Aap: I know...

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