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Originally Posted by CLONECOMMANDER501
But those kinda threads should not be in each section. It spreads the activity and makes this look barren. They should be in the Community Discussion Section.
Not everyone likes all the discussion being in one place. A lot of people just come LF to visit Ahto and could care less about the other forums. Some people love discussing the serious topics in Kavar's and don't want it to have to sift through a bunch of non-serious threads to find some.

It may spread the activity but I find that it increases it. When Kavar's Corner was started it got more serious discussion threads in a month than Ahto got in a year. When the Outer Rim Territories was started we got far more non-SW stories than we ever did before. I don't know about you but I don't think those are coincidences. When people see one forum full of threads related to what they're going to discuss, they're bound to start more. If they see just one big forum with a variety of threads (making it harder to see ones similar to the one they want to start), they'll assume the topic they want to talk about isn't discussed very much and won't start a thread over it.

Merging all the off-topic discussion forums wouldn't go very well either. If you're not familiar with LF's history, it consisted of a lot of separate sites that all got joined together after a number of years. A lot of people didn't care much for the various other sites that got merged into theirs, and stuck to their respective forums.

The various communities across LF have very different atmospheres, posters, moderators and overall feels as a result. A lot of people stick exclusively to just one. They're practically separate sites in their own right. To merge them all together would make then lose what makes them what they are.

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