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Well, there's a few bricks laying around my living room right now.

I don't have a house yet, but I'm not really looking to right away.
...sooner or later.
I've spent most of my money on training so far. I have a feeling I'm going to need it. I'm attempting to beef up some of my skills that I left weaker when I started my character. Don't want to be one sided.

However, I am a warrior (by birthsign) so my Blade, block, athletic, speed, agility, strength, and stamina are priority. I actually have my own class that I've aptly named LANCELOT CLASS.
An athletic knight, armorer, blademaster, poet that can cast a few spells on his gear and self, loves to swim for miles and eat strawberries naked in the woods and sometimes comes to the aid of those less fortunate.

No one likes a whiner, so I make sure I keep improving personality as well.
Helps when I haggle.

I'm just beginning to discover alchemy however, right now I'm still spending a lot of time roaming and exploring. I've made some coin in the arena and I've been offered to become a Blade. I haven't accepted yet even though I know I will. I just have to take care of a few things first.

There's this sword I want and I need some cash.

I've got a few hidden areas where I store stuff. I imagine sooner or later it will get discovered which is why I need a house, but I need the training too.

...decisions, decisions

That's one of the reasons I'm really hooked on this game.

Gotta go now, I hear the crowd and there's a very large person waiting for me in the arena.
I think he's got an axe...


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