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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
I've spent most of my money on training so far. I have a feeling I'm going to need it. I'm attempting to beef up some of my skills that I left weaker when I started my character. Don't want to be one sided.
The Oblivion skill/levelup system allows you to be extremely versatile if you feel like exploiting it. Since you only level up when using major skills, you can pick skills that you can use selectively as major skills and thus control the pace you are leveling up. This way you can ensure you only level up when you have a +5 bonus to three ability scores when leveling (since both major and minor skills count towards ability bonuses.)

With my last/current character I decided to abuse the system way over the top to see how things would go. I was master in half the minor skills by level 2. So if you plan instead of just play you can be jack of all trades, master of all in Oblivion.

You don't gain that much from leveling up too far either. From what I remember leveling only determines which Daedric Shrine quests you can do, and what kind of loot you get. Pretty much all NPCs level along with you, and automatically get better gear when they do. If you level up too quickly the game might get too difficult since enemies get better gear than you have and some of your skills may be under-developed.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
I'm just beginning to discover alchemy however, right now I'm still spending a lot of time roaming and exploring. I've made some coin in the arena and I've been offered to become a Blade. I haven't accepted yet even though I know I will. I just have to take care of a few things first.

There's this sword I want and I need some cash.
You can proceed with the main quest at your own pace for the most part, the bad guys will patiently wait for you to make progress before moving to the next step of their plan. The only thing you'll notice is that a lot more Oblivion Gates will open up all over the place as you progress along the main quest.

Having a house with some containers in is pretty useful if you plan to do alchemy so you don't have to drag all your ingredients along with you everywhere. Individually they may not weigh much, but together they can be quite heavy when you collect a lot.

If you're a warrior using bladed weapons you'll probably want the "Umbra" sword eventually, it's one of the best one-handed swords in the game from a damage perspective (though you can't enchant it yourself since it's already magical). It's part of the Clavicus Vile daedric shrine quest, if you decide to keep the sword instead of giving it to Clavicus at the end.

Some of the other Daedric shrine quests (Boethia and Mephala if I remember correctly) give some pretty nice swords as rewards as well.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
I've got a few hidden areas where I store stuff. I imagine sooner or later it will get discovered which is why I need a house, but I need the training too.
Be careful where you stash away things: If you don't visit a cell for a certain amount of time it will be reset (enemies respawned, containers repopulated), making anything you've left behind there vanish permanently. This is why having a house is useful, those cells will never respawn and things you put there will remain no matter how long you're gone.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
Gotta go now, I hear the crowd and there's a very large person waiting for me in the arena.
I think he's got an axe...
Just a warning since you can't use mods or the console. If you do the Grey Prince's quest before becoming arena champion the way you win the arena quest will be incredibly anti-climactic, in my opinion. (He gives you some training that boost some skills as reward for completing his quest though.)
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