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There are two problems I see with moral objectivism: cultual diffirences and personal bias. Cultual diffirence means what is seen as imoral in one part of the world is completely normal in another. For example women being treated like objects in Asia and ornamental in Asia does not fly well with the Western world. In fact culture may not have as much to do with it as one's upbringing and beliefs. One person may believe the best way to take action is a confrontational way, another might feel not so, and yet another, all three being from the same culture, may feel to just allow something to slide. With regard to personal bias, I see that someone will feel that their morals are right regardless of what someone else may think. They may feel that it's perfectly acceptable or they are entitled to act the way they do. They may even go further and claim that it's alright for them to act that way and not others, or simply pick on others for the same faults they refuse to accept in themselves.
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