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"Commander, how far off are reinforcements?" Pallas asked, striding up to Assant with a hand over her belly.

"They didn't say, communications were abruptly cut off," he responded, his voice grave.

"That isn't quite what I wanted to hear," she said, wobbling a little. The commander reached out and caught her elbow, steadying her. "Thank you, Commander," she whispered, then looked toward the pitched battle in the hangar bay, then the open blast doors above the fray. Reaching out with the Force, she tried to sense the incoming Jedi. She couldn't help but arch an eyebrow as she detected the Force signature coming towards the ship, not because it was arriving so late, but because it seemed to be spinning. Shaking her head, she turned back to Assant. "Commander, keep those Mandalorians away from the hangar doors. We've got back up incoming."

He looked at her confusedly for a second, then nodded and barked more orders at his troops.
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