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Castov had continued to take out Mandalorian fighters and bombers that were unfortunate enough to get in his sights. He had no real objective other than taking down as many bucket heads as possible and protecting those Republic vessels that needed it. His communications console began to beep a high pitch noise signifying he was receiving a priority message.

“Jesp here.” He announced switching the channel open.

”General, we have a problem.” A voice said that Castov immediately recognised to be Admiral To’Knel.

“I think we have a lot of problems out here Admiral.” Castov replied as he narrowly missed colliding with a piece of debris. “That was close.”

”Yes but this one requires your immediate attention.” To’Knel began to explain. ”The daughter of a Corellian diplomat was kidnapped and is on the Astral Eclipse. You’re the closest to it and we need her rescued before the vessel is eliminated.”

“So you want me to single headedly infiltrate a Mandalorian battleship, find a kid and then get out with her before the whole place goes to hell… In the middle of a war zone?” CJ asked.

”That’s the sum of it.” The Zabrak wryly replied.

“Well I’m in and on my way.” Jesp responded as he flew his ship in the direction of the Astral Eclipse. He had to avoid several friendly and enemy vessels while he scanned the ship for any tactical information. He frowned as he saw that the only war in through the main hanger was currently shielded and would disintegrate his ship on impact. He had no way to take out the shield from his little ship so he checked for any nearby ships. He noticed that a Mandalorian ship, the Acadia Raider was sending out a republic comm frequency. The Jedi knew that meant some republic marines had taken control of the ship and he could use this to his advantage.

“This is Jedi Knight Jesp to the Republic commander of the commandeered Acadia Raider please respond.” Castov asked through his communications console.
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