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((OOC: Ah... how I love co-postiness. Thanks, StarMark2k! ))

Originally Posted by StarMark2k
“This is Jedi Knight Jesp to the Republic commander of the commandeered Acadia Raider please respond.” Castov asked through his communications console.
“Sarge?” said the marine at the comm station. “I’m receiving a message from one of the Jedi fighters. He’s asking for the Republic commander of the Acadia Raider.”

The sergeant turned and grinned tongue-in-cheek at Lake. “That would be you, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Well, patch me in,” Lake replied coolly. She hit the com button near her nav station and listened to the repeated message from Jesp, then said, “This is Jedi Commander Lake Kiel of the Acadia Raider,” she said. “Go ahead, Jesp.”

"I need you two do me a favour, Kiel," Castov responded.

Lake grinned. "Does it involve explosions and flying debris?"

"No, that would be the opposite of what I need," Jesp informed her. "Do you have any ion batteries on that thing of yours?"

Lake cocked an eyebrow as she surveyed the controls around her. “Ye-eaah,” she said slowly. “Why?”

"I need you to fire an ion burst at the hanger of the Astral Eclipse," Castov confidantly asked.

“You having problems with your ship?” Lake asked, slightly confused. “I can open up our bays if you are.”

"That's a negative," Castov replied. "I'm on a search and rescue mission, and the damsel in distress is on board that ship.”

Lake blinked and looked over at her sergeant. “And you called me reckless,” she said quietly to him. The sergeant smirked. Back on the comm, Lake said, “I’m on it, Jesp. But let me try the back door first before we go charging through the front. Two secs.”

She looked up the secure frequency for the Astral Eclipse, then switched com channels to mimic one of the Mandalorian’s fighters. “Priority channel zero zero one. Request Astral Eclipse open port hangers for emergency landing.” And the she waited for a response.

"This is the Astral Eclipse. Turn back Pilot, we have been ordered to accept no incoming Spacecraft," the mandalorian officer replied in a heartless tone.

“Typical,” Lake sighed off comm. “Weps?” She turned to the marine at the weapons station. “Target an ion burst on the port hanger bay of the Astral Eclipse.” Switching channels to Jesp again, she said, “Well, we did ask nicely, but it’s a no go. Targeting hanger bay as requested. Kiel out.”

She nodded to the marine at the weapons station. “Fire.”

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