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Lux felt as if he was in a child's amusement park ride, the one which spun in a circle ridiculously fast. He had never understood the appeal of the ride and the fact that he was spinning around fast enough to induce nausea wasn't helping his comprehension. Jamming his control stick to the side to keep the broken fighter on its course, he sat back and closed his eyes, immersing himself in the Force. First, he steadied his own internal equilibrium, otherwise he probably would have thrown up. Once he accomplished that, he reached out to his surroundings outside his fighter. He could sense the hangar bay approaching rapidly; it was probably no more than a few hundred klicks away. Gotta think fast... He quickly stretched his Force sense into the hangar, trying to get a handle on what was happening inside. The presences of the numerous troops doing battle flooded into his mind. He didn't need the Force to tell him that the ones closest to the hangar doors were the Mandalorians; they were probably a boarding party, trying to bully their way into the ship.

"Let's see if I can't throw a bit of dirt in yer eye," Lux whispered aloud as he focused his mind. Telekinesis wasn't his strongest subject at the Academy, but he held his own. Using the Force, he made minute adjustments to his starfighter's spin, then waited the few inexorable seconds until he breached the doors.

As he crossed the threshold, his fighter skidded along the metal causeway, knocking over several Mandalorian warriors and droids. The spin actually helped Lux's cause; his fighter became a whirling dervish of death. A few seconds before it slammed itself into the far wall, (taking several more Mandalorians with it), Lux opened his eyes and hit the hatch release. His canopy popped open and his somersaulted out, lightsaber already lit and in hand. He landed on both feet in the middle of a Mandalorian bulkhead. The surprised soldiers stood speechless for a few moments, just staring at him, which was all the time he needed.

"Evenin' gents," he said as he rushed forward, his lightsaber blazing.
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