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Death reigned as Truth and his special operations team cut a bloody swath through the Mandolorian command post. It had been a simple matter for him and to sneak into the hanger, as there were dozens of large ventilation shafts that lead there. The part of sneaking up on the Mandolorians was more difficult with guards all over the place, but advanced stealth generators made up for that. The part of killing them all was the most interesting, as all the participants were finding out.

A Mandolorian, a veteran judging by the insignia on his helmet, approached Truth among the chaos with two vibroblades in hand and bellowed “Come and face me like a warrior, Jedi.”

Truth turned to face the veteran and replied “No, as that would not be plausible at moment.”

Then Truth leapt at the veteran, who in turn brought his own blades to meet Truth’s flurry. The veteran was good: he was able to block the first of Truth’s strikes. However, he was not good enough to stop the second, the third, and the fourth strikes. The second strike took off his right arm, the third his left arm and the fourth his head so that he literally fell to pieces. Then Truth walked over the body of the veteran without second thought, taking notice that his team had made a defensive perimeter around the command post, putting down any enemy troops that got too close.

The Mandolorians were leaderless and now under heavy attack from the force that Truth had lying in wait He had most of his personal to retreat deep into the ship while his special operations teams lie in wait in key choke points. When the Mandolorians got in deep enough, he gave the order for areas of the ship to be depressurized for a few moments before allowing it to pressurize again so his troops could move through with ease and retaliate. Then his already-stationed spec. ops. teams came out of their wait and caught the Mandolorians off guard while they attempted to regroup.

“This is the Bridge to General Truth: All the Mandolorians have been driven back to the hanger and our troops are now attacking their front line. Though it appears they are disorganized, they are still putting up more than a fight for our men. Please advise.” The com unit on Truth’s person spat out rather quickly, suggesting uneasiness.

“This is General Truth to the Bridge: Activate our Assault Droids and have them assist the troops. We will proceed to disrupt the enemy from behind their line,” Truth replied and then, turning to the leader of the team, ordered “Have four of your men commandeer those fighters nearby and have the snipers take out any man-launchers with a Beam Rifle. The rest are to remain here and defend this post.”

“Affirmative, Sir.” The leader replied and then began to shout out orders to his men as Truth took a moment to analyze the remaining Mandolorian force. They were outnumbered, and soon to be outgunned. Cornered rats always fought the hardest, and Truth didn’t want to waste any men that would come in good use on the surface of the planet. So his plan was simple: Overwhelm them with firepower, not numbers.
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