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I followed the instuctions EXACTLY as stated, and bingo: Problems gone.

My system:
Inspiron E1505
4MB Intel Core 2 Duo processor
256MB ATI MOBILITY RADEON X1400 w/HyperMemory
Windows Vista Home Basic

If you want details, read on.

I just bought KOTOR and yep, when things went haywire on Dantooine I started trying to get some real answers. The worst was discovering that the game doesn't even support my graphics card (finally read the fine print on the box): Mobile Radeon x1400.

I'm new to this whole which-card-supports-what nonsense and I'm sorry, but I don't have room for a desktop -- I have a brand new laptop. Paid good money for it, too (and for the game) so it better work. Period.

Omega drivers almost messed my laptop up; the "Disable Vertical Buffer Objects=1" tweak didn't work. But the mod to my ATI drivers did work. Outstanding.

A few comments:

1. I completely lost my saved games. Not a huge loss since I was stuck on Dantooine, but still a pain. The save game utility had acted weird before I modded the drivers, too -- games disappeared and reappeared, but that's another topic

2. I noticed *slight* jerkiness with the modded drivers, improved somewhat when I dialed down the graphics.

3. Game crashed during the dream that marks the transition between the Swoop Race/Bastila Rescue and infiltration of the Sith Base. Luckily, I saved my game (I'm constantly saving games.)

4. On a hunch, I reinserted the "Disable Vertical Buffer Objects=1" tweak and was able to get past the dream sequence and get on with the game.

5. Some problems crashing boarding the Ebon Hawk in Tarik's hangar. Also thought I lost my save game here, too, but when I just rebooted and then restarted the game, the save was there and I was able to get on the ship.

That's all I can think of. So far so good. Dantooine's been working like a dream, and even seems to run smoother than Taris. Go figure... I'm just thrilled to get back in the game!

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