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Each blasts of the ion cannons from Lake’s recently acquired capital ship impacted the shields protecting the hanger. Jesp accelerated to full speed as he noticed the atmosphere begin to escape the ship, this meant that the blast doors would soon close to hold it in. His engines burned brighter than all the blasts that were being fired between the two fleets as he hit maximum velocity.

The blast doors began to drop from the top of the hanger entrance and when they were halfway down Jesp managed to enter the ship. As the thick metal door slammed against the hanger floor CJ realised that the hanger wasn’t as long as he expected, even with reverse thrust on fall he would never slow down in time. The Jedi hit the emergency canopy release sending it flying up into the air, Jesp quickly un-strapped himself from the pilots seat and jumped out of the rapidly moving vehicle.

As he flew through the air he noticed two Mandalorians, they were both getting up from obviously being thrown when the atmosphere was being sucked out. Jesp used the force to help guide his fall so he would land between the two of them. Castov took out his lightsaber and ignited it and held it so the blade pointed downward. As the Mandalorians righted themselves Jesp came down and stabbed the first Mandalorian in the back, the blade went right down through the top of the back and came out of his stomach. Jesp then pulled the blade out and then flipped it before thrusting the yellow bade backwards impaling it through the second Mandalorians chest. Jesp deactivated his weapon as both of the Mandalorians fell to the floor bleeding and dead.

“Huh, I’m surprised I pulled that off.” CJ said surprised at his own skill.

Suddenly a large explosion sounded from behind Castov, it didn’t take him long to workout that it was the sound of his fighter meeting it’s inevitable collision course with the hangers back wall. The explosion caused a loud siren to sound and set off a flashing red light. Jesp then noticed that all the entrances to the hanger were beginning to close; the hanger was being put under lockdown.

Castov began to run using every ounce of strength he had along with the force to get through the door before it sealed. As he got close he began to skid feet first at the door as it had gotten too low for him two run through, as he slid under the door he dropped his lightsaber. The slight moment of panic he felt from losing his weapon was interrupted by the fact that he had just stopped sliding at the feet of three Mandalorians.

“Oh Come on!” Castov exclaimed. “This is not the plan!”

The Mandalorians all looked down at him and went to grab their weapons. Jesp turned on to his stomach and kicked his leg out at one of the Mandalorian’s, taking the feet from under him and knocking him to the floor. CJ held his hand out using the force to bring his lightsaber to it, the hilt flew towards Jesp and he gripped. Jesp then used the force once again to push him self high up into the air, he did a back flip and landed on the fallen Mandalorian’s chest. Igniting his lightsaber once again Jesp swung his weapon horizontally across the two standing Mandalorian’s midsections. He then flipped his blade to point downwards and stabbed the remaining Mandalorian in the neck.
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