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Originally Posted by TeRRoR.KhAoZ
hey guys. im looking for KOTOR and TSL mods that include new characters, quests, planets, and ESPECIALLY new stories/plots. i dont want just KOTOR or TSL with new clothes or weapons u know what im sayin? if anyone could recommend mod(s) that meet these requisites i would be extremely grateful.

Well, I could plug my Dialogue Pack - 20 pages worth of conversations I added into the game. Yes, it's got options for all Revans - including a point where a male one can haul off and deck Carth.

Others for K1:

Padawan Mod
- Start off with a saber and Force powers.
D333 Warpband - lets you get into a portion of the Black Vulkar base that's nifty...if a bit unfinished.
Jedi Training Arena - Adds a training arena to the Dantooine Academy
Weebul and Utinii's shop - A nifty shop, and a hellaciously nasty brawl
MECK Jabba Palace - If you can ignore the anachronistic dialogue, this is a fun sidequest
Exar Kun Mod - Added a tomb sequence to Yavin
Manaan Fish Fest and Door Relief mods - these take away the slow ocean crawl and let you take certain party members with you.
Tomb of Jesset Dal Kest - Another Hellaciously nasty brawl, but with a great concept - you confront your own crew.
Ord Mantell - RedHawke has a nice little planet whipped up with two tough sidequests. Hint: Stock up on Thermal detonators
Zombie Planet: GREAT recycling of modules here. Brawl your way through a horde of zombies on a dark planet.

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