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Originally Posted by croma
I'll just wait and try to figure out these ccreature.cpp failure message myself I guess.
Have you moved all the relevant model and texture data files into the override folder for the appearance you try to change your player into? The player data in players.mod appear to be always loaded, but many other NPC appearances seem to be stored within the module(s) where a character using that appearance exist. Those resources would not be found if you are in another area unless you put it in the override folder where it can always be found.

For example, to use the Princess Sun Lian appearance instead of Unmasked Silk Fox for SF from Chapter 4 and onward I had to put the files h_prnces01.txb, n_prnces01.txb, n_prnces_.mdl and n_prnces_.mdx in the override folder for it to work. They were previously found in the a300/City Core module files only.

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A completely unrelated question:
Do anyone know which .GUI file handles the quick key/style mapping display that pops up in the lower left corner of the screen when you enter combat mode?

I already know what my keys are mapped to and that big interface element is taking up space needlessly, so I'd like to make it invisible (set the ALPHA field to 0).

I seem to have trouble finding which file it is that handles it though. I'm finding pretty much everything else instead when modified some of the files with names that seemed likely.

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. Turns out it was one of the files I had checked, though the method I used to make it invisible didn't work since the game apparently already used the Alpha value to hide/unhide it when entering and leaving combat mode. Resizing it did the trick instead.

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