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Minor update...

I've uploaded a minor update to my Jade Empire data file search tool (JEFindRes v0.2.0a), see the first post in this thread for a download link.

Version v0.2 has the Txb2Tga converter integrated, allowing it to automatically convert any TXB files it extracts to TGA format if you check a checkbox.

This version should also make using wildcard characters (*) in the file name (resref) part of the search string more reliable. It now works like wildcards usually do in a search:

No wildcard characters used: Only files whose name exactly matches what you type will be found.

No file extension set: Files of any type matching the name you type in will be found.

Wildcards at the beginning and/or end of search string: Your search string can be found anywhere within the filename.

Wildcards inside the search string: Allow any (or none) characters to exist in that position of the file name and only match the rest of what you type.

For example:
Search string  Result
-------------- ----------------------------
p_li01         Files of any type with the name "p_li01".
p_li01.*       Same as above
p_li01.txb     All TXB files with the name "p_li01.txb"
*p_li          Files of any type that ends with "p_li", e.g. "j00_c_app_li.ncs"
*p_li.ncs      All NCS files that ends with "p_li", e.g. "j00_c_app_li.ncs"
p_li*          Files of any type that starts with "p_li", e.g. "p_li01.txb" and "P_Ling_.mdl".
p_li*.txb      TXB files where the name starts with "pi_li", e.g. "p_li01.txb" and "p_lingh01.txb"
*p_li*         Files of any type containing "p_li" somewhere in the name, e.g. "j01p_lion_altar.pla" and "p_li01.txb"
p_li*01        Files of any type starting with "p_li" and ending with "01", e.g. "p_li01.txb", "p_lih01.txb" and "p_lingx01.txb"
p_li*01.txb    Same as above, but only finds TXB files.
p_li*h*01      Files starting with "p_li", followed by anything, then an "h", followed by anything and then ending with "01", e.g. "p_lih01.txb" and "p_lingh01.txb".
*.2da          All files of the 2DA file type, regardless of name
*.*            All files in the game data (might take some time to list, there are many)

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