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Originally Posted by TeRRoR.KhAoZ
well like i said i would like a new storyline...
A new storyline eh?, well, if by a new storyline you mean a complete overhaul of the game, then there is only one for KotOR 1, and thats Gsccc's "Reign Of The Sith", though its not completed in a few parts its a good storyline, also there is an expansion for t5he reign of the sith mod, called "A New Foe", these mods can be found on PCGamemods, but due to it being down the files may not be accessible. I'll have a look for you.

EDIT: Nope, neither of the files work, luckily i still have them in my collection folder, if you want them let me know and I'll get them to you.

Originally Posted by swfan28
I'm interested in trying the Jedi Training Arena and Tomb of Jessed Dal Kest mods, but it seems that they were only available at, which seems to be permanently down. At least I could not find them at Taris Upper City Emporium. Does anyone know any alternate locations to get these mods?
Not sure about the Jedi training area but the tomb mod can still be downloaded with our method, here

Unfortunately the 1.1 patch doesn't work so just the main mod is available.


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