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Pallas watched in amusement as Lux somersaulted out of his starfighter and right into the fray, taking on several Mandalorians at once. She turned to Assant. "Commander," she started, but he held up a hand.

"I know, ma'am," he said with a bemused look. He grabbed his comlink and yelled, "All troops, suppressive fire around our incoming Jedi!"

Pallas allowed herself a small smile as she moved forward to the front lines again, her fire team still in tow. The pain from the wound in her abdomen was still throbbing, but she used the Force to push it aside.

Her lieutenant was the perceptive type, however. "Ma'am? I don't think you should press forward in your condition. More Jedi are incoming and you'll need a medic soon."

She cast a glance at him over her shoulder. "I wasn't aware you had a medical doctorate, Lieutenant," she told him. "I thank you for your concern, but I'll live, I promise you."

The young officer sighed as he and his team laid down suppressive fire.

He has a good heart, Pallas thought as she cut a swath through the Mandalorian lines, making her way towards Lux. "Once this battle is over and we're all happy and whole, you can take me to as many medics as you like, Lieutenant," she said.

"I like the sound of that," he responded.

"I thought you might."
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