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Originally Posted by tk102
Actually that sounds just like this problem. I've looked at the decompiled scripts for that cutscene and haven't been able to determine the cause of the problem. At least one other person mentions WotOR, but I don't believe Gavroche had the mod installed.
That might be the case, but as I said, I got past the problem he ran into. I'm getting that cutscene fine now. The game crashes when the cutscene is done though.

By the way, as I already mentioned, I removed all of my inventory items. It's really funny to see Carth calling in the cavalry (Dodonna) in his underwear. :P

Anyway, thanks for trying to help. If I can't figure this out, I might just go on to TSL (I was in the mood to play both again, so I was going to play through TSL again as soon as I finished KOTOR). It's frustrating to get right up to the last area in the game and have to stop playing though.
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