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Anya swooped smoothly in with her fighter, running into no disturbance as she came to a smooth, dainty landing in the hangar. The landing gears engaged as the ship bounced lightly to a stop. As the hatch popped, she disengaged the seat restraints and catapulted over the side of the ship, landing on the balls of her feet and drawing her saber, the blade activating with a snap-hiss.

She was just in time to catch sight of Lux sumersaulting out of his ruined fighter, his yellow blade bluring into arcs as he started cutting through the Mandalorian lines with all the ferocity of a Tatooine sandstorm.

"Show off." she muttered.

It wasn't long before the Mandalorians who weren't totally preoccupied by Lux noticed her and opened fire. Knowing that her time as a spectator was at an end, she flashed into action, deflecting the blaster bolts as she practically flew across the room until the Mandys were within range of her amber blade.

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