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Strider nodded, and immediately led the way towards the group. It did not take long for them to catch up with the younger Jedi. Strider came up behind them, looking at the four Seren and the man in the cloak.

"So...we've got company eh?" he said, looking over his shoulder to Emukiel. "If anything needs to be done, it's my turn space dust, you took all the other fun," Strider said with a grin, then turning back to the enemies.

He turned back and faced the group igniting his blade and stepping to the front. Strider was an intimidating figure, standing over six feet with his cold blue eyes. He decided now would be okay to let the rest of the Sith know just what they were dealing with.

"So we're not getting past huh? Would you like to make that a bet?" he taunted, spinning his lightsaber and holding it defensively with one hand, his other hand to the side, unclenched, waiting in case he also had to call upon the Force as well for an interesting duel.

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