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Originally Posted by Mindtwistah
Where can I find the modules of the cut planet Sleheyron [K1]?
No modules exist of Sleheyron. Bioware left just enough pieces of Sleheyron in the game to tease the imagination of modders.

There was just a couple background textures like this (sorry can't remember the name)

and a couple models (I believe named m50aa_01a, m50aa_02a, and m50aa_02b) that look like they were part of Sleheyron.

And finally some scattering in the dialog.tlk file:
37614: Sleheyron City
37638: Battle: Sleheyron City
37639: Battle: Sleheyron Gang
37642: Battle: Sleheyron Arena Battle (one of the models looks like an arena, perhaps something akin to what Stoffe created in her TSL Arena mod).

Using a Sleheyron background on the Unknown world:

An imagined Galaxy Map entry:
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