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There is one module which was almost in tact and possibly part of Sleheyron. It only lacked the files making up the module itself, but I managed to put together a blank version.

There was also a Rakatan temple on Tatooine originally,and an area of Kashyyyk.

You can find them here (I don't remember exactly, but I think all three are in the '3lostmodules.7z' file. Just download and extract (I think the Czerka depot may need to be compiled as a module first, but I'm not sure on that front - I uploaded this quite a while ago...)

If you download them, you can have a look round, but there's not much to see - they're empty. If you'd like to have a crack at using them for a mod, feel free (although a little credit for salvaging them wouldn't go amiss )

@TK: Nice planet

EDIT: Almost forgot to mention, we at Team Jawa are currently planning to restore these areas (and much more) to KotOR
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