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Lux twirled his lightsaber around his body, the aureate blade deflecting a myriad of blaster bolts. About a dozen enemy warriors and battle droids had fallen to it before the Mandalorians got their act together and started shooting at Lux in earnest. The mercenary soldiers were no slouches as they gave Lux a run for his credit chips, making him dance and weave to avoid and deflect their well-placed shots. Still, they were no match for the Jedi and with Anya and Pallas closing in on his position, it would only be a matter of time before the Mandalorians were defeated.

Backing up, he caught an overhead vibrosword slash on his left Echani wrist shield, then answered with a slash of his own to his assailant's chest. The Mandalorian warrior cried out, then crumpled to the ground in a heap. Lux exhaled, then glanced over his shoulder as he felt a familiar presence in the Force. "I thought you didn't like fighting, Pallasyndra," he told the silver-haired woman as a way of greeting.
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