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Originally Posted by tnu
Can you give me a hand on how to Uninstall Mods installed by TSL Patcher? I'm always unsure of the overall changes it made. I'm still used to just using Override folder. and not too good at other stuff
If it has been properly configured it will have saved any existing files it has modified in a folder called backup that was created in the same folder as the TSLPatcher exe file used to install the mod. You can move those files back to the game folder to overwrite the modified files and thus undo the changes.

As for other files a file named installlog.rtf should have been created in the same folder as the TSLPatcher exe used to install the mod. This will contain a copy of the installation progress log which should say which files have been modified or moved where. Find those files that were moved without overwriting anything and remove them.

Keep in mind that if you've installed multiple mods that modify the same files you will need to uninstall them in the reverse order they were installed. Otherwise moving the files from the backup folder would undo the changes made by the later installed mod as well.
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