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HK-101: This is HK-101 here. How is the battle coming?

Commander: Right now Republic and Droid Imperium ships are battling over Bepsin. The situation has escalated...

HK-101: You...have to be kidding. I thought you say you have enough troops to take over Bepsin.

Commander: I must have miscauclated.

HK-101: Hm?

Commander: I mean, it must have been sabatoge by the Republic. Some spy must have placed in some wrong, wrong code so that I made a mistake. Surely, if I had correct programming, everything would be fine. But since I didn't, I made the mistake. Don't blame me, blame the Republic.

HK-101: Why did you let yourself get close to a Republic slicer...if that's even true?


HK-101: Never mind that. I suppose you want reinforcements, right, to help save you from the stupid trap you just landed the Imperium into?

Commander: Yes sir!

HK-101: If Bepsin falls, then the Republic got a rallying point. I cannot let that happen. Alright, send word that I am coming in personally along with some droid reinforcements to oversee the battle. Manitan your positions until then.

Commander: Alright.

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