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(If you read the original Fics, you would know this already, but you probably haven't so I'll tell you now that during this time, the Republic and the Yuuzhan Vong are allies)
"I come here on behalf of Ben Skywalker, Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Master Skywalker would have come himself, but he was already occupied with holding back the Droids in the Outer Rim." Hethra told her. "If that's not enough, the Droids are already preparing for an offensive against Avalon."
"Captain, Yuuzhan Vong reenforcement have arrived." The first officer told the Captain of the Bulwark.
"Good, the tide has finally turned in our favour." The Captain replied.
Alkonium shot down another Vulture Droid as he maneuvred his was to the Droid Hangar. "Almost there." He said to himself. He then shot out the shield generator protecting the hangar from the vacuum of space, and flew in as well as he could given the circumstances.

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