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From behind Orpheus and the Seren Marauders the Jedi had a plain view of Asa's detachment as they moved the shipment to the docks. While the others moved on, Asa paused melodramatically to look over at the group, her form was nearly invisible under a veil of intimidating nature.

From under the pitch blackness under her hood, she smiled silently 'Savour your demise, Sith...' she allowed her thoughts to pick up so that he could hear them clearly. With that the black figure vanished into the shadowy corridors after the group, the case was already locked in, the ship was primed and ready to launch.

The Matt-black Nubian royal-class ship lifted silently from the pad as the ceiling slip in two to allow them passage. From outside it appeared as if the bay doors had opened and closed without reason, the vessel slipping out of the visible realm and into the atmosphere.
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