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“We’ve got the rest of the ship on lockdown,” the marine sergeant reported to Lake, “but it won’t take the crew long to figure out how to reroute bridge control from here to auxiliary control,” the sergeant said.

“I’m more concerned about our other ‘friends’ out there. It won’t take them long to figure out we’re not who they think we are. Soon, we’ll either have to retreat or go on all out attack.”

“Sarge!” Another marine came up to Lake and the sergeant. He was grinning. “We’ve recovered some stealth field generators from the bridge lockers.”

“Well, great! Pass them out, private,” Lake replied. “We might need them later.”

“We might need them sooner than you think, Sarge.” The marine private sitting at the com station on the bridge of the commandeered Acadia Raider adjusted his earpiece and then frowned. “I’m receiving some enquiries on the comm from the other Mandy ships as to why we are firing at one of our own.”

Lake grinned. “Cease fire, and then tell them our navigation and targeting systems have been damaged and we’re attempting to rectify the situation. Then begin to target random enemy ships. Like those artillery carriers,” she suggested. “Take care not to target too close to where our fighters are though.”

Lake glanced at her sergeant. “Have your men finished downloading those command structure files the Admiral wanted?”

“Just about.”

“Tell them to hurry up.” Lake looked out through the view window. “We don’t have much time left.” She began to tap in some co-ordinates for a course change. “Helm? Change course for these co-ordinates I’m sending you. We need to stay away from the Astral Eclipse until Jesp has finished his ‘damsel in distress’ rescue.” She rolled her eyes at the notion of trying to rescue one wayward captive during the middle of a heated battle, but didn’t comment further.

The private at the helm frowned. “Commander, those co-ordinates are going to put us really close to the middle of your ‘traffic jam’.”

“Yep. Glad to see you’re paying attention.”

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