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Several Mandalorian soldiers quick marched down the corridor towards the hanger deck, all available crew had been given one objective: Find the Jedi. After the Hanger lockdown a small team went to investigate and found five dead Mandalorian’s each killed by a lightsaber. The whole of the ship had been put into a lockdown limiting access between decks and with security personnel placed outside all sensitive areas.

The marching Mandalorians were on the Jedi trail until he seemed to have disappeared in to a dead end. If any of them had taken the initiative to look upwards, they may have noticed that a ventilation grate had been tampered with.

Castov looked down through a different Grate further down the corridor as the Mandalorians marched underneath him. He smiled as they all ran past the grate none the wiser that their target was less than a meter from them. CJ began to crawl through the ventilation system knowing that the Mandalorian lockdown fortunately didn’t include guarding every access to it.

It took the Jedi crawling through what felt like a mile of Metal piping before he finally managed to make his way to the ships brig. He used the force to unscrew the grate right above one of the empty cells and dropped down into it. He silently stepped to the doorway into the cell and pops his head out briefly to look down both sides of the corridor. CJ only saw two Guards one standing outside a cell, most likely to be the one with the prisoner and one walking up and down the corridor.

Jesp realised that he could probably take them both down at the same time when the patrolling Mandalorian walks past the sentry. He allowed the wandering guard to make his route several times just to ensure he could get his timing right. When the two Mandalorians were right next to each other Jesp jumped out of his empty cell and used the force to smash the two Mandalorians bodies together. Both the Mandalorians fell to the floor knock unconscious from the surprising blow they received.

Jesp stepped over the fallen Mandalorian bodies and hit the door release button by the cell he believed the diplomat’s daughter was in. The door slid open and Jesp stepped in to see a Teenage Twi’lek girl sitting on the cell’s bed. A look of confusion came across CJ’s face as he looked at the young Twi’lek.

“Well you’re a little short for a Mandalorian.” The Twi’lek said Looking CJ up and down. ((OCC: I know but I couldn’t resist))

“I’m a Jedi, and I was expecting an 8 year old human to rescue.” Jesp looked up stepping towards the young alien women.

“Sorry to disappoint, so how are you getting me off this heap.” She asked getting straight to the point.

“I still have to work that bit out.” Jesp replied completely unconfident.

“Great, all the Jedi who could rescue me and I get the incompetent one.” She said obviously annoyed.

“I work in the moment.” CJ defensively explained. “Now let’s get out of this cell.”

Jesp turned around and walked out of the small prison cell and out into the corridor, The diplomat’s daughter began to follow. On walking out CJ turned his head to the right and saw a large Mandalorian walking towards him, his armour only covered his torso to show off the bulging muscles on his arms. Castov held his hand out to stop the Twi’lek from leaving the cell to give him a chance to deal with the Mandalorian. The Large Mandalorian was almost twice the Jedi’s height and width, the Mandalorian smiled as he walked up to the smaller man.

“Well you’re a large bucket head.” Castov exclaimed as the Mandalorian stopped walking face to face (or more accurately chest to face) in front of the Jedi. "But you know hat they say. The bigger they are, the harder they…”

Castov quickly took out his lightsaber and held it above his head before activating it and swinging down at the Mandalorian. As his hand came down the Mandalorian raised his and grabbed the Jedi by the wrist, The Large Mandalorian began to twist Castov’s hand downwards forcing him to hunch down and drop his weapon.

“Hit Back!” The Mandalorian exclaimed as if finishing Jesp’s sentence for him. The Mandalorian rolled his other hand into a fist and punched the Jedi in the chest, the punches force sent Castov flying backwards down the corridor until he smacked into the back wall twelve meters away. Castov’s back left a dent in the metallic barrier as he fell on to the floor on his backside.

“Ohhh, It never goes to plan!”

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