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Originally Posted by stoffe
Have you moved all the relevant model and texture data files into the override folder for the appearance you try to change your player into? The player data in players.mod appear to be always loaded, but many other NPC appearances seem to be stored within the module(s) where a character using that appearance exist. Those resources would not be found if you are in another area unless you put it in the override folder where it can always be found.
I did but what I'm trying to do is switching Blossom with Crimson Khana. The problem is that there's no mercf sets (the n_*'s and h_*'s) available with the same name (the head was h_mercf01 but the body was n_mercf if I remember correctly). I converted to TGA and renamed it, renamed the TXB, edit the original TGA and put the other TGA part per part above it, but it all failed. Hell I even made "appearance_override.2da" and add "appearance_override" line under JE.ini's [DEBUG] line and of course, it failed and I laughed to myself (I still am, seriously). I can't figure out how to persuade the system to use another head I want (I bought you damnit!!).

It's not that bad though. The "Face Off" operation explained on page one can really amuse me anyway. I made some tiger-ish tattoo on (of course) TigerShen and ProdigyLu looks like Monkey King (looks cool with Monkey Paw style) which reminds me, is it possible to make Monkey Paw style able to finish harmonic combo or to choose it from the first time we choose the character? I would've mess with the .2da myself if it weren't for the roof leak which blast my power supply off.

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