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Originally Posted by croma
I did but what I'm trying to do is switching Blossom with Crimson Khana.
Do you want to replace the Blossom player appearance with Crimson Khana, or do you want to make Crimson Khana (the NPC in the arena) use Blossom's appearance? If it's the latter it would be quicker to change the appearance number in the relevant .CRE files to point to Blossom's line in appearance.2da. Open the CRE files with k-gff 1.2 and change the Appearance field (under the Looks struct).

If it's the former, the problem seems to be that Crimson Khana's appearance is one where the head and body are set separately (so they can re-use the body model with a variety of different heads). The body used is line 104 in appearance.2da and the head is line 22 in heads.2da.

This is problematic since all the standard player models have the head and body as a single model where you can't swap out the head. Thus I don't know how you'd tell the game to use a particular head along with the body for the player appearance, since you only pick an appearance and not a head.

Originally Posted by croma
ProdigyLu looks like Monkey King (looks cool with Monkey Paw style) which reminds me, is it possible to make Monkey Paw style able to finish harmonic combo or to choose it from the first time we choose the character?
Open the monkeypawas.2da file and on line 7 (Slam) change the value in the synergyprestate column from **** to 1. This will make the Monkey Paw power attack able to finish a harmonic combo.

To make it a starting style open stylesuperlist.2da and on line 22 (C_Monkey_paw) change the value in the StartingStyle column from 0 to 1. This should make the style pickable when creating a new character. You'll most likely need to remove one of the standard styles though (by setting the same column to 0 on its line) to make room for it, since the list of available styles already is full.
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