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(Lol, BKK is right everyone, Faroid closed the system of the installation so nobody is going anywhere any time soon)

Lyla stared at Orpheus. The man stood tall and strong. She was a good 2 feet and a half smaller than him. Juhn-Kai had caught up to the group and looked at Orpheus glancing at him, recognizing him immediately. Juhn-Kai was one of the Jedi from before the first order was established and he knew Orpheus to be almost the same.

- "So that is what you have reduced yourself to Umbar? I thought you'd at least have enough common sense not to join the Seren after what we once talked about" - Juhn-Kai said to Orpheus. Juhn-Kai imagined Orpheus would be surprised to have someone call him by his true name.

Lyla glanced from Juhn-Kai back to Orpheus. Juhn-Kai shrouded his thoughts and sent a message to Lyla through his mind.

"I believe that even with Skywalker's training, you are too young to engage this oponent, I advice you to let Strider take this battle", Lyla upon hearing this understood it, the man was not like the Seren and everything diferent about him made him even more dangerous. Lyla looked at Orpheus.

- "I think Strider will go nuts if he doesn't participate in anything exciting, and because I am not so cruel as to make him suffer, then I believe I will trade my place in this battle with him" - Lyla said. Lyla did not like to have to step aside but you fight the fights that need fighting and if you fight, you must win and in this case the odds were not good for her but for Strider it was a completely different story.

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