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Thanks, zinervadonella.

OK, I just had to share this because it's _so_ 9 year old boy.... Toto's playing a paladin, of course. The brave little party of the kids' 2 paladins (Brom and Eragon) and Jimbo's halfling rogue/wizard (Bono) had just finished cleaning up a group of sleeping hobgoblins. Bono Hairfoot had just snuck around the room and silently slit their throats. Then the party had in the next room taken out one other hobgoblin and captured another, questioned him about the Slaughtergarde lab, and chained him up til they were ready to leave the area. Well, after all this, Toto was getting a little tired and punchy, and out of the blue looked at Jimbo, started giggling, and said "Brom pees on Bono." I was laughing so hard I couldn't talk, much less do anything. Jimbo opened his mouth in surprise, and then laughed at our giggling son. Then he said, "Bono's casting magic missile at a strategic spot on Brom."
Now I have to figure out how to adjudicate _that_ next session....

Edit: Brom took 2 points of groin damage. This dropped his hit points just enough that when he got nailed by the howler, he nearly died. It took him down to -1. He got to -8 before making the stabilizing roll. That'll teach him to pee on others....

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