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"Sir, 2 heavy bombers are In our back too" - The officer informed

"What? .... Damn, unlock the escape pod's now, we have No other choice they will destroy us, prepare the soldiers too, down there in Corellia there will be a battle field"-I commanded

"Yes Sir"- He then did as commanded and unlocked the space pods

"Ok , we will have time to have a nice little battle here with the ship in front , but as soon as dose In our back reach we are done , So prepare cannons and guns"- I commanded a soldier

"Yes Sir” He said and then by comlink he said "Soldiers, prepare for fight, prepare cannons, lasers and guns... activate the torrents" - He commanded

In that moment every soldier in my ship where at they’re position and ready for naval fight , then the mandalorian ship past right beside us .......

"SHOOT!!!!"-I ordered

Then gun shoots lasers and cannons started the fight, as soon that it reached the enemy ship they started shooting back .

"Sir, Our shields at 60% and lowering"-The Officer said

"Hold on!!"-I commanded

Then a great bomb hit us

"Damn, what was that!!!?...... Sir our shields lowered at 30%, the causes?, that bomb"- the Officer informed

"Damn, what was that?" - I asked

"Sir, the 2 heavy mandalorian ships, shooted us one of the bomb over shoot us, If it managed to hit us that one, we would already be dead "-A soldier said

"I will not take more chances, Inform all the republic ships at the battle field our failure, tell them we are escaping to the planet and we will await them there"-I ordered

"Yes , Sir" Then he opened the communication and informed "Captains and Generals of the republic , our ship "The Shield IV" have failed , we have been heavily damaged by enemies and we will escape to the planet of Corellia , we will await you there , In the battle field"-He then send’s the message

I then take the comlink and inform to the howl ship ,"Soldiers , abandon the ship , take with you blaster and get ready for combat as soon as we reach the planet , I want every body to be accompanied and ready in that escape pod , now leave"- I ordered

Then all of my man leaved the bridge and reached the escape pods, I then waited to every soldier to escape and I entered the last pod with 7 soldiers and 1 official.

"Guy’s, get ready down there aint gonna be easy, I hope each one of you are prepare "-Then a hit the escape button and as soon as we where shoot out of the ship in less than 7 seconds the ship exploited.........

"Let's see what await us...” I said

"Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The dark side is about survival. It's about unleashing your inner power. It glorifies the strength of the individual."
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