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I recently bought a Vista (yesterday) and the game works great on mine. I have an Intel Graphics card. Intel never gave me problems in the past with my XP, except for games that require Pixel Shaders. What I can think of is getting either an "Intel Viiv" video card, or an "Nvidia" Card. Nvidia makes some 2d images (The loading bar) look a little sloppier, but it gets the job done. A problem with that game and vista, though, is that the in-game brightness doesn't work as perfectly ad it would in Windows XP. All you have to do to make the game brighter is:
1. Start the game.
2. Go to "Setup."
3. Click on "More Video"
4. On the brightness option, "Click right next to where the bar currently is. The screen should noticeably become brighter. This is how bright I suggest the game should be.

*Note: sometimes the .dll files don't work properly. Just switch your resolution to a different one and back until you can successfully change the brightness.*
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