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Im' actually o.k. with just about all the SE changes. There's only one thing that makes me stabby stabby angry. It's the @#$% chirping noise that rapes my ears during the TIE fighter attack in ANH (when the M Falcon is leaving the Death Star). The noise makes me want to kill someone with the fist of an angry God.

Otherwise I'm fine with most of the changes. Han shooting second....meh I don't really care. I actually like all of the changes that they made in the DVD release. The Ian McDiarmad <sp?> Imperial holo projection is far better than the original one (the one there the Emperor had monkey really they gave him monkey eyes). The dialogue is also MUCH better in that scene. Also the Hayden Christiansen ghost is far better than the old Sebastian Shaw ghost. Of course I understood that the Shaw ghost was supposed to be Anakin Skywalker, but there were a lot of people what wanted to know who he was.

If only they'd have jazzed up the ANH saber duel, even just a little bit, using CG I think it would have been much better.

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