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Some Command questions please help.

i have read the FAQ but that dosent answer my questions.

first i make a server to play with my friend the game is unpatched because we didnt the game after the patch's for our reason.

ok first question

1. how can i put a force power example forcejump to level 2 "in multiplayer" while hosting. ( i know how to go in the console )

because i want only that force power no the others .

2. how do i get different taunts i remember seen katarn doing sith taunts and that was with a text to .

Example katarn taunt with a sith voice then he say something like Dark Side rules . all in 1 bind .

Bind u taunt , say darkside rules. Example.

Please dont flame me i played the game years ago but i dont remember anything exept how to get the name colored Lol..

3 . Last question i want to unlock all lightsaber type "yellow,blue,red" in my multiplayer game with a command .
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