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Originally Posted by stoffe
Self-harmful spells if done right are not necessarily a bad thing. .{snip} Perhaps they plan to reintroduce some of those elements, what with all the talk of being spiritual successor to older games?
I hope so. The spells have pretty big areas of affect (hard to steer your party members out of), or worse yet ones like Fireburst or Meteor Swarm that will always damage your PC. Would be fun to have a somewhat easy to deal with friendly fire with spells.

I'd rather have more advanced AI/special abilities, tho. Enemy spellcasters casting Dispel Magic on you or buffs on their companions, using Disintegrate on party members with -9 HP (when they hit -10 they should stay dead, darn it :P), that sort of thing. Enemy spellcasters could be quite a challenge if they had good enough AI. (Especially when coupled with Resurrection/Raise Dead only working on intact bodies)

Thanks for the screen links, Pavlos! (Obsidian's done a very good job on that Shambling Mound)

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