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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I hope so. The spells have pretty big areas of affect (hard to steer your party members out of), or worse yet ones like Fireburst or Meteor Swarm that will always damage your PC. Would be fun to have a somewhat easy to deal with friendly fire with spells.
In the older games is was a bit easier to keep a larger party under control since you didn't steer one particular character and had an AI make the others tag along. You would select one or several party members and then give them orders, moving them along more like units in a RTS than a PC in a FPS like in later games. Thus it was easier to deploy your party in formations and set positions for ambushes and AoE spell usage.

Spells like Fireburst etc are just bugged in NWN2 though, they should never harm the caster. (And neither should Firebrand and Missile storm, though since those are Bioware creations and not standard D&D spells they have some more freedom there )

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
I'd rather have more advanced AI/special abilities, tho. Enemy spellcasters casting Dispel Magic on you or buffs on their companions, using Disintegrate on party members with -9 HP (when they hit -10 they should stay dead, darn it :P), that sort of thing.
Part of the problem, I think, is that the AI in the NWN games is meant to be fully generic, "one size fits all" for use with all NPCs/monsters in the game. So it comes into the Jack of all Trades, Master of none category, where the AI is half-arsed at a lot of things but not really impressive in any regard.

In games like BG2 there was no singular creature AI, but rather a bunch of different AI scripts for different types and difficulties of characters. While the Infinity engine scripting language was extremely simplistic compared to NWScript this still made the NPCs feel more aggressive and acting somewhat as a character of this class should (even though NPC behavior became fairly predictable if you replayed the game a few times).

I can understand why they went with a unified AI: makes things easier for modders and makes it much quicker to add new hostiles to the game. Still, the standard AI leaves a lot to be desired, both in NWN1 and NWN2, in terms of situational awareness, assumed knowledge and learning from mistakes (a high Lore wizard would not cast mind affecting spells on undead for example, nor would anyone with decent intelligence score cast fireball on a fire elemental). I would guess that is a time factor responsible for that, since even I could rewrite the NWN1 AI over a few month's time to behave somewhat intelligently in most situations in the end.

I hope they will at least give major boss characters their own unique AI adapted to the situation in NWN2:XP1

(Casting disintegrate on someone below 0 HP would be quite a waste though, since they're already out of the fight and rapidly on their way to dying (-10 HP) if they haven't been stabilized. You could coup de grace them with a rusty butter knife to kill them, pretty much. )

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