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Minor thingy: mon mothma is dead.


Sith Apprentice: Master

Blaze: Yes?

Sith Apprentice: I was on Rattattak and I managed to find the blueprints of the Starforge. Even the instructions on how to get the Dark Energy running through it again.

Blaze: Thats-.. that's frickin amazing!!! You'll gain some maj0r prestige with this.

Blaze told the good news to Darth Aap who was just as amazed as Blaze.

Aap: This is very good news. There is a new army, don't know it's name yet but they're allied with the rebellion, so the Empire could use some help. Tell our engineers to build this as fast as possible. And do it inside the stealthshield.

Blaze: It shall be done master.

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