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Star Wars: The Lost Son

Star Wars:
The Lost Son

Peace reigns over the GALACTIC REPUBLIC, but not for long. The SITH LORD, DARTH KELION, plots to rebuild the SITH EMPIRE and overthrow the Republic. But to do so, he needs an apprentice, and has determined to seek out his only son.

The JEDI ORDER has sensed the disturbance in the Force caused by the Sith Lord's appearance, and dispatched a team of Jedi. They seek to discover the son, and teach him the ways of the Force. But at the same time, SERELA TAN, opposed to Darth Kelion, is also searching for her son, to turn him against his father.

The future destiny of the Republic, and indeed the galaxy, rests with those who can find the son and recruit him to their cause...

* * *

The Jedi Phoenix dropped out of hyperspace, with Aurora and Arion Starfire at the controls. "I wish the Council could have been more specific," Arion muttered. "How are we supposed to search an entire sector for one person?"

"The Force, Arion," Aurora said, patiently. She settled into a meditation mindset, willing the Force to guide them. Her eyes flew open, and she looked up. "Naboo?"

"You felt something?" Arion asked, impatiently.

"A.... something. Very faint, but there. I'm not sure if it's what we're looking for, but it's a place to start, anyway." She set the coordinates, and jumped to lightspeed.

The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins---
but in the heart of its strength lies weakness: one lone candle is enough to hold it back.
Love is more than a candle.
Love can ignite the stars.

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