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Above a house's roof on Naboo, one tall figure bowed to another shadowy figure, "Hello, my lord, what send you to such remote place?"

"Vincente. My master dispatched me to exterminate you."

"So be it." Vincente bowed again, but he didn't draw his katana.

The Sith drew his lightsaber and charged at Vincente. When he began to stab his lightsaber into Vincente's heart, Vincente dodged the attack and throw a punch right at that Sith's face.

"Awww! You destroyed my handsome face!" That Sith shouted, and covering his bloody nose.

"Tell your master, never to bother me...again." Vincente drew out his Katana, "And, never call me Vincente. Now get out of here before I change my mind. By the way, you might need to arrange an appointment with a plastic surgeon."

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